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powerless. the lights went out. play was halted more than 30 minutes. that's when the momentum shifted to the niners. the ravens offense colin kaepernick was on fire. they pulled within 8. 17 unanswered points for the niners but in the end the ravens managed to hold on for the win. flacco made mvp. >> it feels like ray said it would feel. it feels like all the guys that worked so hard and stuck together through trials and tribulations and difficulties and maintained faith, it feels like they got what they deserved. >> they got three more plays to get to the goal line. if we all do our jobs, they won't get in. to stand up like that it's just a testament of what we've been through and how much trust we had with each other all year. >> it just snowed conl fetty and it was -- confetti and it was all for us. it definitely felt good. >> for some the party is still going on in charm city after
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last night's super bowl win. fans took to the streets in baltimore to celebrate their team and their city. the wave of fans forced police to shut down traffic on the southbound jones falls expressway. at one point ravens fans were seen trying to tip over a car in federal hill. despite the car tipping situation, most of the celebrations were controlled and safe there were some, though, who took advantage of the situation. this is video of some people in baltimore looting a 7-eleven store. they weren't interested in the game, just being weird. police tried to maintain order but the crowd at the store just too large. thankfully authorities eventually were able to get the situation under control. no word if any arrests were made. the other big story which we just showed you a moment ago, the power. that took center stage for a while. the blackout stole 35 minutes of the game. crews say power was being fed to the stadium the whole time.
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just a certain supply line went out. they're still trying to figure out what caused it. there is going to be a big parade as you might imagine welcoming the ravens home tomorrow morning. right now it's scheduled for 11:00 a.m. it starts at baltimore city hall and will end at m&t bank stadium. family, friends come together, enjoy each other's company surrounded by good food and football. if josh moore has anything to say about it, itself monday after the siewp -- the monday after the super bowl will be a national holiday. really? come on. moore started a petition drive and posted it to he's received more than 14,000 signatures. we have the petition on our website let us know what you think. should the super bowl and the day after super bowl sunday be a national holiday? come on, remember, we have to pay for those holidays. log on to the wusa9 facebook
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fan page. we'll reveal your thoughts throughout the morning. here's one response posted by facebook friend anthony, interesting idea. the holidays start for me with halloween and end with the super bowl. very interesting idea. hmmmm. leaders in the senate say they want a gun control bill which can pass both houses of congress. susan mcginnis has more. >> reporter: president obama takes his pitch for gun safety to minneapolis today. he wants congress to require universal background checks, limit how many bullets gun clips can hold and pass a ban on assault weapons but here in washington, much of the focus is on more limited legislation. >> i think that everyone acknowledges we should do something with background checks. >> reporter: not everyone, wayne lapierre, head of the nra says the president's proposals
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will not stop gun crime. >> the kinds aren't -- criminals aren't going to comply with it. >> reporter: but mark kelly, husband of gabriel giffords, says they are working and they need to be extended. >> since 1999, 1.7 million people were prevented from getting a firearm because they had a criminal record or a history of mental illness. >> reporter: the toughest sell here on capitol hill is the assault weapons ban, something even the senate's top democrats, majority leader harry reid has not endorsed. >> i didn't vote for the assault weapons last time because it didn't make sense but i'll take a look at it. >> reporter: kelly says congress needs to pass the ban. >> i know the value of having an assault weapon. it's to kill a lot of people very quickly. i think there are -- i think they're way too readily available. >> reporter: lapierre says semiautomatic guns help keep
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america safe. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. president owe bap ma says the -- president obama says the boy scouts should be open to all boys, including those who are gay. the president praised scouting as an organization which offers opportunities and says no one should be excluded. >> the scouts are a great institution that are promoting young people and exposing them to opportunities and leadership that will serve people for the rest of their lives. i think that nobody should be barred for that. >> we found out last week- - >> [indiscernible] -- banning gays from scouting. 4:35 now. the alabama hostage standoff is now if its seventh day. negotiations between the f.b.i. and the man allegedly holding a 5-year-old boy hostage, they're continuing those negotiations.
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65-year-old jim lee dykes is accused of shooting and killing a bus driver and abducting a little boy from the bus. a funeral for the driver was held yesterday. 38 were injured in a crash between a tour bus and two other vehicles in southern california. the california highway patrol says the driver reported having brake problems while driving down a mountain. the bus rear ended a sedan causing it to flip over. the sedan then hit a pickup truck which was pulling a trailer. seven people injured when a bus hit an overpass in boston are still in the hospital. one of the people is in critical condition. the bus was carrying a group of philadelphia high schools and their adult chaperones when the bus hit the bridge saturday night. the bus didn't belong on that road. philadelphia-based calvary bus company says the driver saw the bridge too late. our time is 4:36. we're off to a cool start this morning. we could see some snow later this evening. howard is back in two minutes with today's potentially snowy
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forecast. >> the u.s. postal service honor as key figure of the civil rights era. >> a baltimore win means free burgers for everyone. we'll let you know where you can pick them up in your money. >> right after meat week. who knew. wusa9 returns in two minutes with your weather first. stay with us.
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welcome back. 4:39. your weather first on this monday morning. quiet morning. we're going to have sunshine around for a little while. then maybe increasing clouds and light flurries into the
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evening. north of town highs holding in the mid-30s. i'll be back in a few minutes talking about a moderation in our temps. right now here's comes monika with timesaver traffic. i think a lot of people are sleeping in. what do you think? take a look 270 at route 121. no one in sight at all. things look great all the way to germantown to the point where the lanes divide. it's going to be a little quieter than normal early this monday morning. i'll be back with more in a few minutes. back to you guys. it is 4:40. time for the first your money segment ever the morning. >> good morning, jessica doyle. >> good morning. hopefully it's going to be a good morning on wall street because they have plenty of information to be happy about. the dow begins over 14,000, first time in five years. the stocks were up on if i after an encouraging jobs report and favorable manufacturing data. and ford, g.m. and chrysler, turns out they're on a roll. the automakers all posted double digit sales gains last month with a strong showing in cars, crossovers and pickup
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trucks. later this week we're expecting earnings reports from a host of companies. we have the likes of disney, toyota, time warner and our parent company gannett on tap. the dow climbed 149 points on friday. it stands this morning at 14,009. the nasdaq rallied by about 37 points. the s&p 500 was better by 15. the u.s. post office is honoring civil rights leader rosa parks with a forever stamp. it's being made available today, what would have been the civil rights activist's 100th birthday. z burger is celebrating the ravens win by giving out purple- - >> oh. >> no, it's not that bad, just the bun that's purple, a little food coloring. it's free. you can get a free one from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 and 5:00 to 7:00. it's only available at the
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baltimore and tenley locations. the code is z-champions. right it down. >> they're not going to give too many of them away. i couldn't do it. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. 4:42. a new study suggests that not all dairy is beneficial to you and your bones. >> we all know new orleans is famous for its food. what about its discerts? -- its desserts? >> wusa9 returns in two minutes with
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good morning. welcome back to 9news on this monday morning, the day aft ravens -- after the ravens claim the super bowl crown w. he were in baltimore yesterday. flurries the whole time we were there. >> some folks got a little dusting. we may see a dusting tonight. got a lot of snow days.
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eight off the last 12 days we've seen snow. inch and a half at national. this is just a tease of a winter. tough one for snow lovers. right now just another little system headed our way. here's a look at your day planner. we're going to start out with some sunshine mixed with the clouds this morning. the clouds increase in the afternoon. as we get into the late afternoon or evening hours, that's when we'll have some flurries or snow showers. even a period of light snow developing. temperatures are going to be in the mid- to upper 30s today. that will help any snow that falls. probably melt on contact on the road surfaces. had all the snow flurries and snow showers yesterday. that disturbance is well east of us now. we have a lot of clear skies here. there's another piece of energy coming from the chicago area that's going to get us and especially the mountains, you're going to get a decent snowfall in garrett county and the west facing ridges. temperatures in the 20s in montgomery county. 27 at andrews. 23 in dumfries. i was in woodbridge, prince william ice center, that's a
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nice place down there. 26 in centreville. leesburg 28. my son had a hockey game. it was a nice ice center, that's what we'll say. mostly cloudy sky. winds are calm. feels like 28. the air very dry. the dew point only 8 degrees. showing you the cold air. yes, international falls is 29 below zero but if you look at the rest of the country, we have very moderate temperatures here. that's the only arctic air around so things are going to take a break from the super cold looks like the next several days as a storm system is coming across the country west to east here and down south. we don't have any big dips is the cold is going to go back into canada. the heart of the cold. there's enough cold air to produce the snow in chicago headed toward indianapolis. that snow shower activity is what we're expecting for tonight, the first part of tonight with a little bit of a dusting here at most is what i'm expecting. we'll go through the afternoon
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hours. 6:00 p.m., the mountains of west virginia, even pittsburgh. overnight agent bit of snow here. maybe even mixing in with a rain shower but i think generally wet snow showers will be falling by midnight. tomorrow morning we're done again. all is quiet to start tuesday. going to widen out the picture. another weak disturbance tuesday night may bring us a few showers of snow to our north and in the mountains but that's about it. we'll see temperatures start to inch up here over the next few days. 36 today. late flurries or snow showers. we'll see low tonight 29 in town. mid-20s north and west. we could see an inch of snow toward i-70, hagerstown, frederick or north toward thurmont tonight before it ends. tonight 43. even milder on wednesday, 46. by the time we get toward thursday and friday, back in the mid-to upper 40s, some showers on friday and upper 40s if not low 50s this weekend. looks milder than we've seen it in a while. let's go over to monika samtani with your latest timesaver
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traffic. i predict this monday morning's rush hour will be quiet early on. that's because i think a lot of people are going to be sleeping in after the big win. there are no problems to report right now coming in on 66 from man that sas to centreville -- manassas to centreville. we're looking great on the beltway through tysons corner and annandale as well. we could look at northbound i- 95. no problems to report route 644 up to the beltway. again, nice and quiet here right up to 395 and the 14th street bridge. back to the maps this time on the bw parkway route 50 through cheverly, we're looking good on the parkway coming in from baltimore, route 50 coming from annapolis to the northeast corridor. a live picture on the other side of town and the beltway at the american legion bridge looks good crossing the potomac river. >> thank you, monika. it is 4:48. where you live could affect the chances of having allergies and asthma. a new study shows living in places closest to the equator
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can put you at an increased risk of developing allergies and asthma. people living near the equator have a higher exposure to uvb rays. researchers say this increase may be linked to vitamin d which could affect your immune system. scientists at nyu have discovered genetic mutations linked to the relapse of the most common childhood cancer. doctors say they may be better able to identify which patients are more likely to suffer the relapse because of the new finding. a new study suggests not all dairy products are equally good when it comes to bone strength. the study looked at more than 3,000 people and found milk and yogurt are associated with higher bone mineral density in the hip but not in the spine. researchers also found cream may be linked to lower bone density overall. >> maybe it's a little better if you add the milk with some other dessert treats.
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super bowl fans watching new orleans for the big game, of course and also many enjoyed the world class food. but you always have to make room for dessert. >> it's friday. >> super bowl friday. fish fry friday. king cake friday. it's a lot of work. but i love it. i thrive on it. the adrenaline keeps me going. >> reporter: loretta harrison and her staff will all be going like energizer bunnies today. they're getting ready for the lunch crowd. >> that's your vegetable for today. that's jambalaya. in the oven is baked macaroni and we're going to fly catfish. >> reporter: whipping up what loretta is best known for, her authentic pralines.
4:51 am
>> it's a new orleans candy with a french origin but here in new orleans, loretta's pralines is a creamy, chunky delicious new orleans. what we have here is sugar, butter and milk. mine are authentic because the recipe came from my mother, from her mother, from her mother, from her mother. many generations. we have not changed it. >> reporter: 30 years ago with $700 and a dream, loretta used the old family recipes to start this enterprise. it started heating up after she sold 1,500 pralines at a dollar each at a jazz heritage festival. >> this is the size we use for the store and the festival. >> reporter: today she spoons out 3,000 candies. >> 700 pounds of sugar. butter two cases, maybe three. that's 72 pounds.
4:52 am
and then milk, that's 12 cases of number 10 can to make the pralines. 90 pounds of pecans. but this is what we do every day. >> reporter: that's that's just for her restaurant customers. she's already sent out 4,000 prali nes and another order to fill for sunday's n.f.l. super bowl tailgate party at the convention center. >> for me it's a passion. i love what i do. >> reporter: that love in every spoonful is why foodies call loretta's simply unbeatable. >> delicious new orleans. >> instead of a t-shirt, i brought him back, mike, your own creamy, crunchy, delicious piece of new orleans. >> you know what that means, right? you're reading the rest of the show. >> go ahead and enjoy. we know the big draw on super bowl sunday is the super
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bowl the but in between we look forward to the commercials. this year advertisers were paying as much as $4 million for 30 seconds of time. you like that? >> yeah. >> the "u.s.a. today" ad meter rated each and every one of them. coming up at 5:48, debra alfarone will let us know which commercial came out on top in a nationwide poll of super bowl viewers. time for the question of the morning. 20% of men say they use their computer password, they use this as their computer password. the favorite sports team, a, b, their nickname, or c, their hometown. >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour. glad you like it, mike. >> uh-huh.
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welcome back. 4:56. your weather first. we'll see increasing clouds. chance for some flurries and snow shower toward the end of the day. highs in the mid- to upper 30s. back in a few minutes. we'll talk about some warmer temperatures headed our way. right now monika has a look at this monday morning after the ravens win. it's really quiet on the southbound side of i-270. i expect it to be this way early on this monday morning. everyone sleeping in i think. southbound 270 looks great. 109 to 121 and down to the point where the lanes divide. same story on route 355. i'll be back with more at 5:01. back to you guys. 4:56. we all know the weekend was about the ravens and 49 leading up to super bowl xlvii. what would a weekend in d.c. be
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without talking about rg3. robert griffin iii was named the 2012 offensive rookie player of the year. he helped lead the washington redskins to their first nfc title in 13 years. he beat two other rookie quarterbacks for the award. he earned 29 votes. all three led their teams to the playoffs as rookies. pretty impressive. the n.f.l. used to be an all boys club. the images of the league has changed. game day isn't just for the guys anymore. >> female fans in the n.f.l. are starting -- of the n.f.l. are starting to take notice. now the league is making clothing and merchandise especially for women. lesli foster takes a look at the push to attract more female fans. >> reporter: the boldings traveled 19 hours and spend $1400 to travel to new orleans. one is a diehard fan and it's not who you think. >> i make sure i got a shirt
4:58 am
before i left. >> reporter: marion with her four ravens shirts and matching earrings is a target for one of the n.f.l. 's biggest marketing campaigns. it's women who made the last three super bowls their most watched shows, more than the grammys and academy awards. >> i think it's always been a man's sport. it's really evolved into women are really into the n.f.l. >> reporter: it's not just going after women's clothing marketers. >> how many hilarious movies starring me before this play runs out of juice. >> reporter: retailers say super bowl commercials will be tailored toward the head of the house hod. women -- household. women make 85% of all the household purchases. >> it's equal. me. >> reporter: a record 51 million watched last year's super bowl. reason enough to see these vests, coats, and t-shirts flying off the shelves now. >> the target market is always the men. it's great to finally get to buy our own things. >> reporter: the n.f.l. hopes if you get a woman the right gear early on, you might
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have a shopper for life. >> it's all about the clothes. be prepared to spend some cash. prices for women's n.f.l. gear anywhere from 20 to $125 per item. >> i'm a big purchase of the melissa milano collection. looks great, fits well. you got us hooked. we're spending money. good morning. thank you for spending some time watching us at wusa9 at 5:00. i'm andrea roane. happy monday you bleary eyed ravens fans. >> roads are really quiet. >> your son had a wonderful day? >> it was his birthday and he's a ravens fan. howard, the snow flakes keep showing up. >> but they weren't doing much with temperatures above freezing melting on contact. you get the dusting in the morning and then the sun comes out and it's gone. we have a chance for a dustin

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